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Five ways to tear packing tape without any tools

Maybe you have attempted to tear packing tape with your bare hands, but failed big. The more you keep wanting to break it and the angrier you are, the harder it may be to break it, and it is so embarrassing especially if your friends are watching you.

Sometimes you just have zero tools available to you when you really want to tear the packaging tape. Based on different methods and different tapes, the reasons for failing to tear it successfully may be different. This video will show you some methods and demonstrate the precise steps and conditions to successfully tear the tape without any special tools.

Two Story House: Cheapest High Gutter Cleaning Without Ladder

Recently I discovered I have in fact actually wasted water for nearly three years. I learned that I need to re-adjust the Dual Flush by Danco. The URL for my original installation video is:
simple one story house gutter cleaning

25FT hose at Amazon
This 24ft pole can reach 30ft
50 feet hose plus nozzle
30ft pole

We present the cheapest way to clean your high gutters. We also provide suggestions on how to adapt to the tools you have on hand. We assume you don’t have a water pressure washer, but if you do own one, this video is still applicable. If you don’t have a GoPro camera, you can use a cell phone. If you don’t have a hose, however, you might be out of luck! 🙂

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Please leave comments below if you have a special situation not covered in this video. We want to help prevent injuries caused by falling from ladders, which are an astonishing 500,000 each year! Here is the link: Government Stats

Watch this video to install an app on your cell phone:
Install app
If you want to attach your cell phone to many other places, you can check out this video: attach cell phone anywhere

Of course, if you don’t have a second phone, you can use a laptop in the place of the viewer phone. If you don’t have a laptop, some smart TV allows you to connect your compatible mobile device to the TV. If you don’t any of those, you still have the two options of what I had proposed in my first video:
Use Cameras or one cell phone


100% free: convert a single flush toilet to dual flush, and adjust single flush

You heard me correctly: 100% free to convert your single flush toilet to a dual flush. Your friends may have bought dual flush kits, but I am showing you the zero cost way, you don’t have to spend a penny.

Even if you don’t care about the dual flush method, you still should measure and adjust your single flush toilet. Many people do not know they are wasting a lot of water. Our own single flush used 2.5 gallons per flush, instead of 1 gallon or 1.5 gallons per flush. If each person flushes 6 times daily, that is 2000 flushes a year per person.

Water costs money, so you don’t want to be flushing any more money down the toilet than essential! We spent a lot of time working on explaining the adjustment not only because it is a recurrent cost to you but also it affects the environment.

When your single flush flapper needs to be replaced, you will face the decision of either buying a replacement of flapper at $6 or installing a dual flush system paying $20. This video shows you how to use the single flush to act as dual flush, but if you decide to purchase the real dual flush kit, here are couple of links for the products:

for Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH

for Danco Dual Flush: Dual Flush by Danco at Amazon

To install them, you can watch my installation and adjustment videos.
For Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH brand:
Optimal: Install FLUIDMASTER DUOFLUSH without wasting water | dual flush conversion system

For Danco Dual Flush brand:
Dual flush toilet wasted more water, how to fix it

Installation, Explanation & Tips

A few toilet or plumbing related issues can be found below:

Best Bidet: How to Select, Install and Use a Bidetr

5 Different Ways To Make Your Toilet Use Less Water

Toilet siphon effect, when plunger, auger and snake fail:

Big Mystery of the Adjustable Toilet Flapper Solved

5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using A Garden Hose

How To Unclog Bathroom Sink

How To Unclog Kitchen Sink


Best Bidet: How to Select, Install and Use a Bidet


This video starts with comparison of different kinds of bidets and will show you the best way to install a bidet on a conventional toilet. Installation will take about 20 minutes. We’ll walk you through our detailed 10-step instructions. It is actually quite easy, requiring no special skills at all. Even though each owner’s manual comes with some instructions for you to follow, since many popular brands have very similar products, we will discuss some overall principles and the strategies so that this video can be applied to your situation. The sample product used in this video is a Biobidet model BBC-70 simplet.

A bidet is far better(cleaner and healthier) than toilet paper, because a bidet will rinse away fecal residue and remove almost all odor. Paper won’t do that. It will bring comfort to people with hemorrhoids. But do you know how to use it? Watch to the end of this video to get the answer.
Bidet Test

Optimal: Install FLUIDMASTER DUOFLUSH without wasting water | dual flush conversion system

Did you know that if you are not careful, converting a single flush system to a dual flush system could actually waste more water? Using our optimal installation guide, we show you how to measure your water so that you can save the most water. We spent a lot of time on the adjustment because if each person flushes 6 times daily, that is 2000 flushes a year per person.

The installation instructions from the manufacturer aren’t the best. First, it didn’t discuss how to adjust the blue clamp on the refill valve. Second, adjustment for the half flush from this manufacturer may require you to waste too much water before finding the right point on the dial. We provide the optimal Golden Section solution to waste a minimal amount of water while testing.

If you decide to purchase the real dual flush kit, here are couple of links for the products:
for Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH Fluidmaster DUOFLUSH

for Danco Dual Flush: Dual Flush by Danco at Amazon

People who are accustomed to the single flush system may accidentally push the lever down when they intended to half flush. Since liquid waste is more frequent than solid waste, pushing down the lever by mistake would cause more water waste. In this video we provide one simple solution to swap the half dial and the full dial.
add soy sauce

Since different viewers may have different questions in mind, here are the timestamps so that you can click and skip to the sections you’re interested in:

The Golden Section algorithm description:

Swapping the half dial and the full dial:

Duoflush installation:

Flush valve dial adjustment:

Refill Valve installation:

The blue clamp on the refill valve adjustment:

What to do if the dial adjustment is out of range:

If you have the “dual flush” system from Danco, you can watch this video:
Save Water: Convert Toilet into Dual Flush, Best Install, Explanation & Tips

Golden Section

A few toilet or plumbing related issues can be found below:
Slow Draining: Easy 5 Seconds Toilet Flush Test and Solving the Slow Flush Mystery

5 Different Ways To Make Your Toilet Use Less Water

Toilet siphon effect, when plunger, auger and snake fail:

Big Mystery of the Adjustable Toilet Flapper Solved

5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using A Garden Hose

How To Unclog Bathroom Sink

How To Unclog Kitchen Sink
adjust blue clamp


WOW New 11 Ways To Open Any Hard-To-Open Jar Lid

We’ve all had the annoying moment when we just couldn’t open that jar. Lucky for you, if you watch my video, you’ll never again have to watch any other.

My ways are guaranteed to help you no matter what situation you’re in, and no matter what kind of jar it is. Whether the jar is vacuum sealed or stuck with honey or something else, I’ve got you covered!
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You may always want to know the best way to do things. The best way depends on what is the problem. The problem could have different causes.

If you just want to purchase your opener, here is the link: Opener

If you could not open a jar, it could simply because you were turning it in the wrong direction, but assuming you didn’t make that mistake, there is only one reason why you can’t open it. That is, your force can’t overcome the resistance of the jar. For that, you may blame either the person or you may blame the jar. 🙂

If you prefer to blame the person, there are 2 possibilities. You either have weak fingers or a weak wrist/arm.

Weak fingers can’t apply sufficient force perpendicular to the surface to generate sufficient friction, thus your hand slips. To compensate for this, we can use many non-slip materials: rubber glove, leather glove, wide rubber band, balloon.

To turn the lid, you should use your arm instead of your wrist to turn the lid, because your arm is much stronger, and wrists can be easily injured.

If you feel that your weak wrist or arm is the problem, you can leverage your force by using tools with long handles. The longer the handle, the less force is needed. For example if you can extend the length of the pipe wrench, or the oil filter wrench, you will gain more power.

If you think the jar is the problem, you need to investigate the 3 possibilities of what is causing the high resistance.
The 3 causes are the vacuum seal, high friction on the threads and liner, or solidified food. You need to match the tools you have to solve each problem.

Two solutions to break the vacuum: either prying or tapping.

Prying: you may buy special tools, or you can use a beer bottle opener, a spoon, a butter knife or a screwdriver to poke around the jar’s perimeter so that you can introduce an air leak and break the vacuum.

Tapping: You may use a wooden cooking utensil to whack the top of the lid. You need to whack it hard but not so hard that you break the glass. You hope it will break the vacuum as well as unstuck the lid. You can also use the back of a knife to whack as long as you’re careful.

If a jar is vacuum sealed, then there is often a seal button, see here. If this button or the lid pops up, it means the vacuum is broken. If you have high friction on the threads, you may use a heating method. Reduce friction: Heating the metal lid will reduce the force needed because metal will expand more than glass.

The heat source could be your stove, hot water, hair dryer or cigarette lighter.

There are two common types of jar lid, one is continuous threaded where the jar and lid are both threaded in one continuous bead. It is similar to a nut and bolt. To open it, you need to turn at least 360 degree. Since the thread is long and gradual, you may potentially have a tighter seal, thus it may be harder to open it.

The second type is lug or called twist-off type where the container has multiple threads and the lid has an equal number of lugs or tabs that grip the corresponding threads. You can see a few nubs here. To open it, typically you need to turn the lid less than 90 degree. This is easier to keep clean and free from sticky product.

Sometimes a jar that has been opened before will still be tough to open if the contents are something sticky, like honey. When the lid is heated, the honey or other sticky substance should soften or melt, making it easier to twist open.

Finally, if you have a jar of honey or something sticky, you can put some plastic wrap over the thread so that it will be easy for you to open it next time.

Note: if you heat the jar, you may not heat too long because even though the vacuum has negative pressure, heating would generate vapor and thus may create positive pressure and explode.

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7 cheapest way to attach your cell phone to a tripod and many other ways to set up anywhere else


No need to watch other people’s videos since this video covers all! The cheapest and easiest ways for all different situations are covered. No problem even if you don’t have any equipment.

There are 5 Billion mobile phone users in the world. For various reasons, you may sometimes need to place or attach the cell phone to somewhere where there is no obvious mechanism for attaching it. In addition, perhaps you do have regular proper holders or adapters, but since you go to different places with your mobile phone, you may be somewhere where you do not have the access to your usual gear, hence we have provided many different ideas in this video.

I promise some of these ideas cannot be found anywhere else. To make a DIY device, other people may say buy this and buy that, but I always use what I have on hand. So bear with me for the longer video since I will show you various different ways that can then be adapted to suit your own situation and inspire you to create something new.

I have published couple of related videos in the past, here are the links:
“Build an easy & free home security system in under 5 minutes”

“The Cheapest and Simplest DIY Cell Phone/GPS Mount in a Car”


15 Ways To Not Smash Your Fingers With a Hammer


After comprehensive research on this topic including visiting the Hammer Museum in Alaska, we present you with these 15 tips. We systematically analyzed the processes and the components involved. For the first few tips we have invented, I guarantee you have never seen anything like these before.

Because there are many different sizes of nails, people with different hand-eye coordination capabilities, different hardness of surfaces, different construction environments, some of these tips may be more useful than others. You don’t need to master all of the tricks, you just need to identify your own problems and choose the best one or the cheapest one to suit your own situation.

Of course, if you never use a hammer, and always hire someone else to do your repairs and remodeling, you will never smash your fingers. Short of that (or having someone else hold the nail while you wield the hammer:) ) , the more hammers you use, the greater the likelihood of injury, especially when you are tired. Thus a good practice is to always be alert, have consistent execution, and constantly remind yourself about sound posture and correct process. Good luck to your fingers. Share this video and help cure your fellow DIYer’s pain.


The easiest and the cheapest way to purify the room air


The smoke from California fires caused air purifiers to be sold out at many locations. Today I am going to show you how to use what you have or can probably still get, to the room air clean. Compared with the expensive air purifiers on the market, these DIY air purifiers are equivalent but at a much cheaper price.
Three reasons they are cheaper:
1. if you already own a fan, then you don’t have to buy another fan.
2. when buying filters, you can buy whatever size is most suitable for your fan, or is cheaper
3. unlike air purifiers, the filters as well as fans can be bought cheaply (because both items are high volume commodities).

For example both the fans and the filters can be bought for about $15 each.

Build an easy & free home security system in under 5 minutes


The first part of this video is about how to quickly build a free basic home security system in under 5 minutes. I have listed many options for you, but you don’t have to choose all of them, work with what you have and is the best for you. It is easy — if you are a cell phone user, you should be able to do it. It is usable as it is, and will be sufficient for most users.

However, it is also possible to add features which will improve it. To help advanced users, I introduce a couple more phone apps to get you started. Through the explanation of how these apps work I explain the basics of internet and the home gateway router. I show the communications between different devices among different networks. Understanding this diagram will help you to debug all parts of your security system.

Since it is easy and does not cost anything, why not give it a try? In my neighborhood, burglaries have been increasing. Some people blame this on California’s Prop 47. California’s Proposition 47 downgraded a variety of “non-serious, nonviolent crimes” that had previously been considered felonies to misdemeanors. A thief may now steal something under $950 on a daily basis and it will never rise to felony status. Without your own security cameras, it’s difficult to catch thieves unless they leave fingerprints. One by one my neighbors started buying security cameras and services. Even if you have already bought some cameras, this can complement them by adding even more cameras. I have covered every single one of my windows, and hope that in addition to providing camera footage of any motion around the house, this will also act as a deterrent to possible thieves.

So get your security cameras ready because the latest is that California will end cash bail next year. When the new law takes effect, thieves without money will no longer need to worry about cash bail because by definition theft is not a violent crime.

Since different viewers may have different requirements, here are the URLs you can click to move quickly to find the sections you are interested in:
* how to set up the basic app:
how to set up the basic app

* how to attach your phone to the windows:
how to attach your phone to the windows

* how to improve with a couple more apps:
how to improve with a couple more apps

* how to conceal the camera and spy:
how to conceal the camera and spy

* how to tie a knot with the waxy dental floss:
how to tie a knot with the waxy dental floss

* debug, the gateway router and internet:
debug, the gateway router and internet