Smallest Probability of Infection During or After a Shopping Trip

When you go out shopping or bring in things you have purchased after your trip, have you investigated every step so that you have the lowest probability of picking up invisible germs? Here we will share with you things we do to minimize the risks. Depending on your own situation, you should examine your process to see if you have additional possibilities of cross contamination, and you can modify based on the principles we discuss in this video.

In our previous video we discussed short hair. If you keep longer hair on the top section, this video includes 8 different haircut experiments to show you what it would look like when you cut to different hair lengths. You may have already heard advice from professionals, but these videos show you that as a beginner, for some of the practices, you may have to do the opposite in order to lower the “bad haircut” risk. They are a must-see before you cut your own hair.

A lot of people are afraid of doing a self-haircut because they fear irreversible mistakes. But even if you do have a family member to help instead of doing a self-haircut, the techniques discussed in this video certainly will help your helpers have more confidence, save their time, and improve the quality of what they do, so this video is not just limited to self-haircutting.

Special Tools you can use for haircut:

We have quite a few other videos about face masks and face shield (PPE). For masks, we use higher pressure to test filters in face masks or filter tests under different pressure
If your material led to a different conclusion, i.e. filter 1 is better than filter 2 under one pressure but the opposite is true under another pressure, please let us know because we have yet to find such a case.

Have you ever questioned the validity of those odd face mask tests you come across? Some of the tests can be backed by science, but others are just promoted for the dramatic effect to attract eyeballs. Check out “Myths & Debunks: 7 Face Mask Effectiveness Tests at Home” 7 Face Mask Effectiveness Tests at Home

After our video “DIY face masks in 10 seconds & improve cheaper masks” DIY face masks in 10 seconds went viral, our viewers asked us many questions about reducing the gaps. This video shows you how to reduce the side gaps with no cost, and with filters being used efficiently: reduce the side gaps with no cost Please subscribe to our channel, we will be making more similar videos.

Is your face mask effective? How do you test the quality of your mask, especially your own DIY masks? In this video, test mask quality
I have given you multiple strategies, you may choose to use some of them depending on what you have, and varying materials, different particles and different tools. This video can also be used to check filtering effectiveness for things other than masks such as DIY vacuum bags, DIY air purifier filters etc.

Besides the issues of face mask shortage, we also have a shortage of toilet paper. What do you do if toilet paper is sold out and using other kinds of paper will clog the pipes? Americans use an average of 23.6 toilet paper rolls per person a year. Here is my DIY solution to resolve that problem:  no more toilet paper shortage The best part — it won’t cost anything.

What do you do if face shields are in short supply? Face shields are especially critical for medical staff, but a lot of suppliers are out of stock. This video will show you how to make your own, with two different designs you can choose from: DIY face shield

In addition to using a good particle filtering material, a tight seal is also important: Custom, Tightly Fit DIY Face Mask

Have you ever tested how effective your handwashing is? You still get a cold every year even though you swear that you washed your hands very well, right? This video will provide a way for you to test your handwashing skills or you can use this as a way to convince your kids to wash hands well. Also this test method can help us to try different methods.  simple proper hand washing



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