Avoid Viruses With This Simple 3-Step Handwashing Method (And Other Tips)

Have you ever tested how effective your #handwashing is? You still get a cold every year even though you swear that you washed your hands very well, right? We will provide a way for you to test your handwashing skills or you can use this as a way to convince your kids to wash hands well. Also this test method can help us to try different methods. Since we need to wash frequently, no one wants to spend a lot of time, thus we want to find an efficient as well as effective method. Since an average person’s working memory is only 3 or 4 items, most people prefer not to memorize a 7 step set of instructions. In this video I will show you my simple 3-step hand washing method.

Teaching correct technique to people around you is important because other people may harbor germs and increase the density of viruses around you. Even if you have mastered the 6-step handwashing recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), many people can’t do it and it is to your benefit to help them improve their techniques. It is not easy to train kids to do it properly, you need to explain the reasons and demonstrate in a way they will never forget. We will explain why you need 20 seconds to wash your hands, where to start the time and how to count the time without a timer.