Easy 5 Seconds Toilet Flush Test & Solving the Slow Flush Mystery

Easy 5 Seconds Toilet Flush Test and Solving the Slow Flush Mystery

Did you know that there are 3 different kinds of openings in your toilet? For a long time, I was trying to figure out the mystery of slow flush in my toilet, and finally I found the explanation and solution. I have discovered this easy 5-second test, which will save your time and money by diagnosing the problem. This is my major contribution to the subject, let’s call it Dr. David Zhang’s 5-second test. I know this 5-second test will not get me a Nobel Prize, but we hope just as many people will benefit because Dr. Zhang’s test is very simple, easy and costs you absolutely nothing.

I will also present two different ways to fix your slow toilet flushing problem.

This video is trying to solve the problem of “slow flushing”. If your problem is “no flushing”, i.e. completely clogged/blocked main drain, please view my previous video:
16 Ways To Unclog A Toilet (Main drain clogged)

5 Seconds Toilet Flush Test
5 Seconds Flush Test
5 Seconds Toilet Test
Dr. David Zhang’s 5-second test
Dr. Zhang’s 5-second test
2 Ways
2 Holes Mystery
Slow Toilet Flush

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