Easiest and Cheapest Car Signs for Ad, Celebration, or Protest


If you want to advertise your business or are in a car caravan celebration or protest, you may consider buying car stickers, car decals, or car magnets, but a lot of times these events are one-time events  — you may not need the signs afterward, and you don’t want to damage your car.  So here are the easiest and cheapest ways to put up your signs. 

This DIY idea is very quick, simple, cheap, causes no damage to your car and there is no clean up afterwards. Just recycle your cardboard and reuse your shoelaces!

Also, although it may seem quite unrelated, this same technique used for hanging signs can be employed  in the winter to reduce overnight ice buildup on your windshield, so check out our other video which discusses that topic: https://youtu.be/Sv-UbOkAy_U