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  • Easiest and Cheapest Car Signs for Ad, Celebration, or Protest

    This DIY idea is very quick, simple, cheap, causes no damage to your car and there is no clean up afterwards.

  • How To Unclog Kitchen Sink

    How To Unclog Kitchen Sink Previously we have the video “16 ways to Unclog Toilet”: many methods for the toilet can be applied to the kitchen drain. However there are still a few differences. This time we present “How To Unclog Kitchen Sink”? What is the difference between kitchen drain and toilet drain?

  • Hardwood Floor –part 1: How to Prepare

    This is the part 1 of the “Hardwood Floor” video series. If you want to see other videos of the series, visit the following links: hardwood floor part2: how to install hardwood floor part3: how totrim hardwood floor part 4: how to stair and handrail 1.     What the video is about In this video…