5 Different Ways To Make Your Toilet Use Less Water

In addition to flushing one tank of water, my experiment showed another 3 liters of water flowed to the overflow tube. I was very surprised to discover this. I will provide a zero cost fix to this problem. I will provide 5 different ways to save on water used in toilet flushing. These techniques are based on the amount of water the toilet tank releases, assuming the toilet bowl is efficient. Watch this video to see the efficient toilet siphon effect: https://youtu.be/_EP7LZdnMXo Note that if your toilet bowl is not efficient, reducing the water flushed may not clear the solid waste well, you may have to flush twice. So one of the best techniques is to have a dual flush system which uses more water for the solid waste than the liquid waste. See the explanation and installation of the dual flush system: https://youtu.be/1RDGznJm-U8

You won’t need to waste water repeating my experiments, instead watch this video, share to as many people as you can, favorite it, like it, so that we save water.

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