4 Step Minimal Waste Time Saving Laminate/Engineered Wood Installation

How can you have almost zero waste when you install laminate or engineered wood flooring? The laminate flooring salespeople recommend allowing for at least 5% waste. Still, when I installed the flooring from left to right, often I found the right plank was too short and I had to undo the whole row and start all over again. Thus even figuring I will waste 5% of materials (thus money), I can not guarantee I will not also waste time.

In this video, I will show you a very easy simple 4-step process that will not only allow you to save the material (the money) but also the time. In fact, the layout of the whole room can be predicted before the actual installation.

Laminate floor Installation
Engineered Wood Installation
Laminate floor Installation cost
Laminate floor Installation tips
Engineered Wood Installation cost
Engineered Wood Installation tips
minimal waste
minimal cut
save time
save money

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