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  • Everything About Quick & Easy Haircut

    Everything About Quick & Easy Haircut

    Professional barbers do good haircuts because they have talent and have years of practice. For an average amateur to compensate for the lack of experience, then it becomes critical to have proper tools to guard against mistakes and to speed up your learning. In this video we introduce 13 special tools, some of which are…

  • Five ways to tear packing tape without any tools

    Five ways to tear packing tape without any tools

    The more you keep wanting to break it and the angrier you are, the harder it may be to break it, and it is so embarrassing especially if your friends are watching you.

  • Best $1 Dryer Vent Cleaning (Save Energy)

    Best $1 Dryer Vent Cleaning (Save Energy)

    The cheapest, and best $1 dryer vent cleaning If you don’t clean your dryer vent, not only may it cause a fire, but it also will take longer to dry and cost more energy and money. I will compare those tools you can buy from home depot with my own $1 solution and let you…

  • Quickest Way To Build A Fence In A Few Hours, Lessons Learned

    If you have someone else build your fence, make sure you watch this video so that you can draw up a better contract. Of course, it would save you money if you can build your own wood fence. It actually does not require many tools or skills, and can be very fast if you follow…

  • How To Unclog Bathroom Sink

    Previously we have the video “16 ways to Unclog Toilet” http://youtu.be/pRQkkMR1b5I as well as “How To Unclog Kitchen Sink” http://youtu.be/JgBu1WK5DdI. Many methods for the toilet & kitchen can be applied to the bathroom drain. http://fetv.com/unclog-kitchen-sink/ https://handymanfix.com/unclog-kitchen-sink/

  • 16 Ways To Unclog A Toilet

    16 Ways To Unclog A Toilet You may know about some of the tools to unclog a toilet, but what do you do if you don’t have the proper tools available when you need them? Or what if one particular method failed you? Here is a list of alternatives and how I rate them. You…