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How To Unclog Bathroom Sink

Previously we have the video “16 ways to Unclog Toilet”
http://youtu.be/pRQkkMR1b5I as well as “How To Unclog Kitchen Sink” http://youtu.be/JgBu1WK5DdI. Many methods for the toilet & kitchen can be applied to the bathroom drain.


4 Steps To Replace Shutoff Valve

4 Steps To Replace Shutoff Valve

The configuration:
half inch copper pipe-to-water valve-to-(3/8 inch) flexible water supply pipe-to-faucet.

4 Steps To Replace Water Valve
step 1: shut main valve.
Step 2: drain remaining water out.
step 3: remove water supply pipe. (with 2 wrenches)
step 4: remove water supply valve (with 2 wrenches)

Install the new
step 1: install water valve (insert nut first and then compression ring, and then the valve). Using 2 wrenches.
step 2: install the water supply flexible pipe. tight the 1/2 inch with 2 wrenches.
Step 3: tight the 3/8 inch end of the flexible pipe.
Step 4: turn on the main valve.