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3 Tapping Glueless Laminate Floor Installation, a Must-See

Did you know that glueless laminate floor planks have more than one tongue and groove? How does this affect the installation? If you are familiar with hardwood floor installation, and you thought laminate floor installation is easier, you could be in for a big surprise unless you take the time to study the floor locking mechanism before you start. Therefore, using the most common kind of glueless-click laminate flooring, we illustrate the tongue and groove locking mechanism and an easy-to-remember 3 tapping installation procedure. To complete the process, we will discuss how to modify this 3 tapping method under a few special conditions or configurations. If you have flooring with a different kind of locking mechanism, based on the process described here, you can easily modify for your own 3 tapping method.

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DIY: Cheapest & Easiest Removable Gray Water System

Funny Brilliant DIY. If you don’t want to modify your existing drain pipes, if you don’t want to spend much money, if you want an easy design, then you need to watch this video.

I provide two easy implementation choices, feel free to adapt to your home configurations. The end result is a removable gray water system: you plug it in during drought months and remove it in a rainy season.

NOTE: Do check your local regulations on use of gray water and installation of gray water systems in order to be sure you are complying with local building codes.

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DIY: The Instant Clean Up After A Paint Job

Very often I need to do a small paint job, whether it is paint or wood stain or polyurethane. The cleaning is always the pain, actually I had to spend more time to clean than the actually paint job.
As long as you can find cheap material similar to a paint brush, paint roller or paint pad, you can do a good job without cleaning.

How To Unclog Bathroom Sink

Previously we have the video “16 ways to Unclog Toilet”
http://youtu.be/pRQkkMR1b5I as well as “How To Unclog Kitchen Sink” http://youtu.be/JgBu1WK5DdI. Many methods for the toilet & kitchen can be applied to the bathroom drain.


5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using Garden Hose

5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using Garden Hose

5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using Garden Hose. Obvious the best is just to use the hose as a snake, but it is also fun to experiment with other options, if one option does not work, you may combine it with other options.

A. Solid
1. act as auger or snake

B. Liquid (Pump water)
5. connect to water supply: careful (flood)

C. Gas (Pump Air)
2. compressor
3. mouth
4. Soda bottle (Bob Syringe)

4 Steps To Replace Shutoff Valve

4 Steps To Replace Shutoff Valve

The configuration:
half inch copper pipe-to-water valve-to-(3/8 inch) flexible water supply pipe-to-faucet.

4 Steps To Replace Water Valve
step 1: shut main valve.
Step 2: drain remaining water out.
step 3: remove water supply pipe. (with 2 wrenches)
step 4: remove water supply valve (with 2 wrenches)

Install the new
step 1: install water valve (insert nut first and then compression ring, and then the valve). Using 2 wrenches.
step 2: install the water supply flexible pipe. tight the 1/2 inch with 2 wrenches.
Step 3: tight the 3/8 inch end of the flexible pipe.
Step 4: turn on the main valve.

Replacing A Dishwasher

The new dishwasher matches the color of kitchen and is larger and quieter. However you can’t replace the old with the new easily without buying a new fixture.
I hope the video can save you the time and money when you replace it yourself.