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WOW New 11 Ways To Open Any Hard-To-Open Jar Lid

We’ve all had the annoying moment when we just couldn’t open that jar. Lucky for you, if you watch my video, you’ll never again have to watch any other.

My ways are guaranteed to help you no matter what situation you’re in, and no matter what kind of jar it is. Whether the jar is vacuum sealed or stuck with honey or something else, I’ve got you covered!
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You may always want to know the best way to do things. The best way depends on what is the problem. The problem could have different causes.

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If you could not open a jar, it could simply because you were turning it in the wrong direction, but assuming you didn’t make that mistake, there is only one reason why you can’t open it. That is, your force can’t overcome the resistance of the jar. For that, you may blame either the person or you may blame the jar. 🙂

If you prefer to blame the person, there are 2 possibilities. You either have weak fingers or a weak wrist/arm.

Weak fingers can’t apply sufficient force perpendicular to the surface to generate sufficient friction, thus your hand slips. To compensate for this, we can use many non-slip materials: rubber glove, leather glove, wide rubber band, balloon.

To turn the lid, you should use your arm instead of your wrist to turn the lid, because your arm is much stronger, and wrists can be easily injured.

If you feel that your weak wrist or arm is the problem, you can leverage your force by using tools with long handles. The longer the handle, the less force is needed. For example if you can extend the length of the pipe wrench, or the oil filter wrench, you will gain more power.

If you think the jar is the problem, you need to investigate the 3 possibilities of what is causing the high resistance.
The 3 causes are the vacuum seal, high friction on the threads and liner, or solidified food. You need to match the tools you have to solve each problem.

Two solutions to break the vacuum: either prying or tapping.

Prying: you may buy special tools, or you can use a beer bottle opener, a spoon, a butter knife or a screwdriver to poke around the jar’s perimeter so that you can introduce an air leak and break the vacuum.

Tapping: You may use a wooden cooking utensil to whack the top of the lid. You need to whack it hard but not so hard that you break the glass. You hope it will break the vacuum as well as unstuck the lid. You can also use the back of a knife to whack as long as you’re careful.

If a jar is vacuum sealed, then there is often a seal button, see here. If this button or the lid pops up, it means the vacuum is broken. If you have high friction on the threads, you may use a heating method. Reduce friction: Heating the metal lid will reduce the force needed because metal will expand more than glass.

The heat source could be your stove, hot water, hair dryer or cigarette lighter.

There are two common types of jar lid, one is continuous threaded where the jar and lid are both threaded in one continuous bead. It is similar to a nut and bolt. To open it, you need to turn at least 360 degree. Since the thread is long and gradual, you may potentially have a tighter seal, thus it may be harder to open it.

The second type is lug or called twist-off type where the container has multiple threads and the lid has an equal number of lugs or tabs that grip the corresponding threads. You can see a few nubs here. To open it, typically you need to turn the lid less than 90 degree. This is easier to keep clean and free from sticky product.

Sometimes a jar that has been opened before will still be tough to open if the contents are something sticky, like honey. When the lid is heated, the honey or other sticky substance should soften or melt, making it easier to twist open.

Finally, if you have a jar of honey or something sticky, you can put some plastic wrap over the thread so that it will be easy for you to open it next time.

Note: if you heat the jar, you may not heat too long because even though the vacuum has negative pressure, heating would generate vapor and thus may create positive pressure and explode.

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Best $1 Dryer Vent Cleaning (Save Energy)

The cheapest, and best $1 dryer vent cleaning

If you don’t clean your dryer vent, not only may it cause a fire, but it also will take longer to dry and cost more energy and money.

I will compare those tools you can buy from home depot with my own $1 solution and let you know which tools will work better for your situation.

I am going to show you how to do it whether you have an easy short duct or you have a very long or difficult duct such as this periscope. No matter which other tools you use, you can also use my rope method along with those tools to get to the hard-to-reach areas, because pulling is always easier than pushing.



Common But Shocking Building Code Violations Behind The Walls of Older Houses

If you are remodeling your older home, pay attention to the structure of the shear wall. If you are in California, it must meet the building code to withstand earthquakes. Unfortunately some tract home builders did not follow the building code but still managed to pass the inspection. This video shows the real violations as well as how to fix them.

home remodeling
building code
building code violations
shear wall
tract home

High definition video may help you see all of this better. This video is shot in 4K UHD setting. You may choose the higher quality by selecting youtube Setting/Quality.

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Very often I need to do a small paint job, whether it is paint or wood stain or polyurethane. The cleaning is always the pain, actually I had to spend more time to clean than the actually paint job.
As long as you can find cheap material similar to a paint brush, paint roller or paint pad, you can do a good job without cleaning.

How To Unclog Bathroom Sink

Previously we have the video “16 ways to Unclog Toilet”
http://youtu.be/pRQkkMR1b5I as well as “How To Unclog Kitchen Sink” http://youtu.be/JgBu1WK5DdI. Many methods for the toilet & kitchen can be applied to the bathroom drain.


16 Ways To Unclog A Toilet

16 Ways To Unclog A Toilet

You may know about some of the tools to unclog a toilet, but what do you do if you don’t have the proper tools available when you need them? Or what if one particular method failed you?
Here is a list of alternatives and how I rate them. You may combine different methods to yield the ultimate success. Happy unclogging!

5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using Garden Hose

5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using Garden Hose

5 Ways To Unclog Toilet Using Garden Hose. Obvious the best is just to use the hose as a snake, but it is also fun to experiment with other options, if one option does not work, you may combine it with other options.

A. Solid
1. act as auger or snake

B. Liquid (Pump water)
5. connect to water supply: careful (flood)

C. Gas (Pump Air)
2. compressor
3. mouth
4. Soda bottle (Bob Syringe)

4 Steps To Replace Shutoff Valve

4 Steps To Replace Shutoff Valve

The configuration:
half inch copper pipe-to-water valve-to-(3/8 inch) flexible water supply pipe-to-faucet.

4 Steps To Replace Water Valve
step 1: shut main valve.
Step 2: drain remaining water out.
step 3: remove water supply pipe. (with 2 wrenches)
step 4: remove water supply valve (with 2 wrenches)

Install the new
step 1: install water valve (insert nut first and then compression ring, and then the valve). Using 2 wrenches.
step 2: install the water supply flexible pipe. tight the 1/2 inch with 2 wrenches.
Step 3: tight the 3/8 inch end of the flexible pipe.
Step 4: turn on the main valve.

Replacing A Dishwasher

The new dishwasher matches the color of kitchen and is larger and quieter. However you can’t replace the old with the new easily without buying a new fixture.
I hope the video can save you the time and money when you replace it yourself.