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Detect wires without X-ray vision or special tools

A lot of the time, you suspect an electric wire is broken, but would like to confirm where it actually broke. Other times you simply want to locate wires placed behind a wall. Without any expensive tools, I will show you how to use two cell phones to do this.

Your project and environment could be uniquely different, so this video only provides an idea to inspire you to solve your own problem. Note that if you are dealing with high voltage circuits, you need to turn them off to be safe.

Subscribe to my channel because my invention is unique and I bet you have never ever seen anything like this before. Please share this with your friends. I know earbuds are cheap, but for the sake of environment, please attempt to fix them instead of throwing them into a landfill.

Replacing A Dishwasher

The new dishwasher matches the color of kitchen and is larger and quieter. However you can’t replace the old with the new easily without buying a new fixture.
I hope the video can save you the time and money when you replace it yourself.

How to Revive NiCad Rechargeable Battery

How to Revive NiCad Rechargeable Battery
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How to revive NiCad Rechargeable Battery
Our cordless phone was disconnected with its base during our14-day Europe trip, thus the rechargeable on the phone set is dead. After recharging it in the base overnight, nothing indicated it had any charge. It is dead because of the crystal denrite growth. How can you revive it? Simple, it only takes 2 minutes and a charger to “zap” it.